Maharishi Honey

Rare Vedic Organic Honey

For those who are searching for the Best.

Maharishi Honey offers you pure, unheated, raw Vedic Organic honey in a variety of exceptionally delicious flavours.

Maharishi Honey is gathered by swarms of bees humming among the flowers in the virgin forests and fields on Maharishi Vedic Farms. The air is pure; the forest flowers are fragrant.

The bees thrive in an environment saturated with the nourishing influence of Natural Law because Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture allows the full creative potential of Natural Law to be expressed on every level of agriculture. The benefits of Maharishi Honey are greatly enhanced by Vedic (Natural Law-based) Farming Technologies including the use of Vedic Sound—the pure, evolutionary quality of intelligence, Natural Law, as available in the melodies of Vedic Literature.

Maharishi Honey offers a unique combination of nutritional benefits, containing a wide array of vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Studies have shown that it has faster-acting antibacterial properties than other honeys that are known for this quality. New research on Vitalquality, using picture-forming methods, reconfirmed that Maharishi Honey is an especially high quality honey.

For a delicious, nutritious honey that restores well-being and vitality, order your Maharishi Honey now.


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